What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files with relevant information, sent by websites and stored in your computer.


Cookies functions

Cookies are commonly used to manage website functioning, increase website efficiency, provide information to the websites responsible entities and/or manage user sessions. They also allow you to recognise the user and direct their navigation according to their interests and preferences, thus improving the navigation experience.


What cookies exist?

Analytical cookies – they’re used anonymously for the purpose of stats creation and analysis, in the sense of improving website’s performance.

Functionality cookies – they store user preferences for the purpose of stats creation and analysis, so that it’s not necessary to reconfigure the website every time you visit it.

Advertisement cookies – they direct advertisement according to user’s interests, and, besides that, limit the amount of times you see the ad, helping to measure the effectiveness of the advertising and the success of the website’s organization.


Use of cookies on the website 67.pt

67.pt uses cookies on their website to manage user navigation and that management can be done by 67.pt and/or by websites of external entities, for purposes of statistical analysis. Cookies on the website 67.pt are used for many purposes, in particular:

Use statistics – to provide anonymous statistical data about website use, as for example, the sites from which it comes from, the pages visited, the number of visitors and the software used by the customer.

While navigating through 67.pt you’re consenting cookies use.


Cookies control and block

Most of the browsers allows the control of cookies through its configurations. However, limiting the use of cookies may complicate the navigation experience.


Cookies use for remarketing purposes

67.pt service providers, including Google, may use cookies with the purpose of advertising products and services offered by 67.pt.

Cookies allow the service providers of 67.pt, including Google, to collect information about previous visits to 67.pt.

Customers and other visitors of the website 67.pt may opt, at any moment, for excluding the use of cookies from Google through Google Ads Settings.


Disable cookies

You can disable cookies in your browser. Simply follow the correspondent connection to your browser.

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