Digital Prototyping

Industrial Products

We create your catalogue
without actually producing
a single product.

Eliminate photography and production costs by building your catalogue in 3D.

Great for

  • Product catalogue
  • Portfolio
  • Showcase
  • Pre-sell
  • Show your ideas

Problems solved with this:

  • No time to photograph and edit?
  • Too busy to create a catalogue?
  • Your product is difficult to photograph?
  • Too many color combination options?
  • Need professional images?

Rubber, Thermoplastics, Metal, etc.

Want to test it on your products?

Feel free to reach me on WhatsApp:

Where are we?

Av. Comendador Ferreira Matos 682 – 1º Dir. – A
4450-121 Matosinhos, PORTO, PORTUGAL
(Google Maps) | tel:+351 936 27 21 27 | info@67.pt