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Brand Matters

You are what you wear.

You see two plain white shirts for sale. The fabric is the same, the size is the same. You wouldn’t be too surprised if the manufacturer was the same, except for one little, nearly-imperceptible-difference: the shirt on the right has a brand logo stamped on the chest. And, because of it, its price tag is nearly 3 to 5 times higher than the other one.

Objectively speaking, this may not seem to make a lot of sense, but humans aren’t all that objective anyway. We like showing off brands because brands say something about us.

If you wear Nike, you’re young and athletic. You exercise, you are healthy, you are motivated, you “just do it”. And that beats being plain white.

If you develop a solid and recognisable brand, you will be able to charge more for its products, simply because of it.

Of course, this is something that requires work, and isn’t going to be built in one day. And just like Nike did, you’ll have to define what is the soul of your brand. Who is it for?, what’s the message it transmits?

Maybe it’s not athletic and motivated. Maybe it’s bright and creative like Apple users, who never needed to hear the technological jargon of a macintosh to fall in love with what it represented.

Or maybe you’re a Harley Davidson rider, with your leather jacket and free spirit, feeling the wind on your face as you ride wherever you want, whenever you want. Or an avid Coca Cola fan, enjoying your time with the ones around you, with a familiar drink in hand.

When your client carries your logo on their shirt, they do it for a reason. As so should you, as a brand owner, know what the soul of your company represents to you and to the world… and to your finances.

Say hello and find out what can we do for your business. Write us an email to: info@67.pt.

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Color Matters

By changing the colors, you can change the meaning. 

It’s incredible what can be achieved in communication, using colors. Colors awaken feelings and memories in our mind and establish connections with experiences we know. It’s up to whoever designs communication to know how to use it in their advantage, provoking in the consumer the reactions they want. Sometimes it might seem like a color was picked randomly, but that’s rarely the case. Colors, just like all other elements of a logotype, for example, are carefully chosen, to produce the desired interpretation.

Blue, for example, is often used to convey trust by more conservative brands. It’s also an addictive color, and we can find many examples of it in multiple social media where we spend hours every week (facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr, etc).

On the other hand, red is stimulating and passionate. It creates a sense of urgency, making it a popular color for sales. It also encourages appetite, making it a popular go-to color for fast food joints like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc.

Greens are healthy and environmentally friendly, harmonious and organic. Blacks are authoritarian, strong and elegant. Yellows are cheerful and impulsive, and whites are clean and modern.

Knowing color theory, or even just being aware of the sensations different colors produce in us, we can use it in our favour.

But watch out: color can have different meanings in different places, and before you use it, you should be aware of it. For example, in China, green tends to have more negative connotations than good ones.

Brands do so to explain themselves more efficiently… and consumers appreciate the clarity of the communication.

Without misunderstandings, everyone wins.


Say hello and find out what can we do for your business. Write us an email to: info@67.pt.

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Things we find inspiring: the Stabilo Boss pens highlight women that made history https://67.pt/2020/01/14/things-we-find-inspiring-the-stabilo-boss-pens-highlight-women-that-made-history/ Tue, 14 Jan 2020 14:00:52 +0000 https://67.pt/?p=2939 O conteúdo Things we find inspiring: the Stabilo Boss pens highlight women that made history aparece primeiro em 67 Creative Agency.


Things we find inspiring: the Stabilo Boss pens highlight women that made history

How many times have we heard the expression: behind a great man there is always a great woman? And how many times did we realize that behind great accomplishment there is a great woman?


That’s why the brand of pens Stabilo Boss decided to highlight the great women who made history but always appeared in the background, behind a man.

Developed by the creative studio DDB in Dusseldorf, this campaign deserves our attention and applause. It’s remarkable the insight with which they approach the gender equality subject, without falling into clichés.

We see a silent campaign but that, on its own, creates a thunderous deafening noise. It confronts us with our own vision of the events. It makes us think that in all the history of the world we didn’t pay enough attention to people [men and women] that are behind major happenings.

Moreover, with this campaign, we feel the necessity of a better understanding of how many women [and men] are behind these big moments. And that is, for us, really inspiring. 😉 

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Things we find inspiring: if there’s Soap, there’s Hope https://67.pt/2020/01/14/things-we-find-inspiring-if-theres-soap-theres-hope/ Tue, 14 Jan 2020 11:00:34 +0000 https://67.pt/?p=2902 O conteúdo Things we find inspiring: if there’s Soap, there’s Hope aparece primeiro em 67 Creative Agency.


Things we find inspiring: if there’s Soap, there’s Hope

There are ideas that help save lives. Simple ideas that help transform a simple task into something truly vital. That’s Hope Soap’s campaign.

We have the habit of not valuing small gestures and simple details. In our day-to-day lives it’s common to take for granted even the most basic task: since breathing, opening our eyes, swallowing, washing our teeth, our hands, take a shower and so on.

These are habits that we were instilled with since a very early age and we kept them. Without questioning their importance. However, what is for us a habit may be an extraordinary event for our neighbor next door. That’s more or less what happens when we watch the Hope Soap campaign, launched in 2013 by Y&R.


The challenge had everything to be complicated: how to make children create the habit of washing their hands and thus prevent the onset of diseases like diarrhea, cholera or pneumonia?

The solution couldn’t be simpler: to place a toy inside a transparent soap. In this way, the eagerness of obtaining the toy makes the children wash their hands several times, making it a habit.

If this is not a powerful idea then we don’t know what it! 😉

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Twelve things that Communication Design can do for your company https://67.pt/2020/01/14/twelve-things-that-communication-design-can-do-for-your-company/ Tue, 14 Jan 2020 07:00:23 +0000 https://67.pt/?p=2866 O conteúdo Twelve things that Communication Design can do for your company aparece primeiro em 67 Creative Agency.


Twelve things that Communication Design can do for your company

Applying resources on a company’s image and communication is a cost or an investment? Is design essential or just a prop? After all, is there a real contribution to the trade or not? Is it just “to look good” or will it contribute to generating revenue for the company?

At 67 we believe that good communication can bring improvements to your brand, team and, consequently, to your business. 

In this sense, we compiled 12 things that Communication Design can do for your business


1. Leave your company well seen before investors and banking.

Eye-catching financial reports, professional but also easy to read and to handle are an amazing business card for some of the major stakeholders. So, when there’s a lot at stake, use your assets. 


2. Have a professional image.

If your company is professional, it should look professional. In marketing “what seems like, is”. Don’t take the risk of looking smaller and less competent. That’s enough to lose some opportunities.


3. Help the sales team.

Naturaly, a good business card, a good catalog and a good website are the best support tools to the sales team.


4. Create a brief but impacting presentation.

Instead of only saying it, show it. Make your company’s presentation in video format, for example, and showcase all its potential. It’s better than live and much faster.


5. Have a brochure that doesn’t end up in the trash.

Why spending money printing a brochure that no one reads? Maybe it’s time to do a more creative and interesting brochure, that everyone wishes to read and save. 


6. Differentiate from the competition.

Sometimes we’re too into the business to be able to see it clearly and with simplicity. Having a message that explains to the outside, in a quick and clear way, the competitive advantages of the company is something that can actually make the entire difference in the customer’s decision moment. 


7. Advertise efficiently.

If you’re going to spend money on advertising, the best is to do a convincing commercial, that captivates and stimulates purchase. Otherwise, you’ll be throwing away cash. 


8. Increase the value of your products.

A big part of the added value of a brand is intangible. While working on your brand, you’ll be also adding value to it, and to your products or services. 


9. Attract foreign customers.

In this way, have your website in English too, work on your SEO and do some online advertising. These are some things that you can do so that customers from all over the world can find you.


10. Remember yourself at the time of purchase.

Whoever doesn’t show up is forgotten. Keep showing up in your customer’s feed. So, prepare a social media plan with frequent and relevant publications for your target.


11. Sell while you sleep.

Build an online shop. And promote it to attract customers. 


12. Save time and money.

If you have little time, use it in activities where you make the difference. Don’t waste time doing an amateur website or preparing presentations. Delegate to those who do better and faster, with the same resources. Save time to do more.


If you need help, speak to us. If you’re unsure where to start, send us an email to info@67.pt or contact us through phone: +351 223 170 101.

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How to build trust online? 5 tactics to grow your business online https://67.pt/2019/12/17/how-to-build-trust-online-5-tactics-to-grow-your-business-online/ Tue, 17 Dec 2019 15:43:56 +0000 https://67.pt/2019/12/17/how-to-build-trust-online-5-tactics-to-grow-your-business-online/ O conteúdo How to build trust online? 5 tactics to grow your business online aparece primeiro em 67 Creative Agency.


How to build trust online? 5 tactics to grow your business online

Having an impact (and payback) in the digital world is not easy. As human beings, we respond better to human interactions than to technological interactions. Get to know some practices that can really help your business grow digitally.


We are human beings. We all have a journey, a beginning, a motivation, a problem for which we search for the solution. In this matter, as vulnerable human beings, we need to feel safe. We need to establish relations of trust with the people and businesses to whom we interact the most. Trust is vital to any long-lasting and healthy relationship. It is like that with social relations (personal or professional) either they happen online or offline.

It is certain that, online, we are behind a screen, but that doesn’t mean we stop existing as human beings. On the contrary, behind the screen – as buyers – we need to have trust in what the computer or phone screen presents us. That is, nowadays – crucial for a company or business to thrive in the digital sphere.

But what is necessary to obtain this so wanted online confidence?

We present you with 5 key subjects that will make your business perceived as reliable and, consequently, close the deal.

1- Having a real and empathetic story

As human beings, we all have a history. The same happens for our companies and businesses. Every establishment, platform, company or entity started for some reason. In this regard, if we look closely we will understand that there’s a story behind every business and it is always connected to people and to their real problems. The brand Hiut Denim, for example, showed up – among others – with the purpose of reintroducing the textile industry to a community that, in the past, was the production scene of many well-known brands.

Knowing how to tell the story of a company or product is a great first step to generate trust amongst your potential clients. Especially in the digital sphere, in which they are exposed to ten thousands of similar businesses and products.

The key is knowing how to tell your story in a differentiating way. And knowing the community for whom you’re communicating to can really help you to do it – if through a video, a closer communication on social media, texts on a blog page, or others.

And this leads us to a second topic, referentiation. 


2 – Referentiation, which is like saying, the mouth to mouth

Many times – much more than what we expected – our clients tell us that their main source of new clients are references. This means they have satisfied customers bringing new customers. On one hand, this is the foolproof and perfect recipe for a business but, on the other hand, it takes too long.

While a client experiment, tests and approves, and says it to a friend, weeks or months can go by. What, in fact, is not very motivating for those who want to see the business prosper as quickly as possible. Besides, there is another issue: the reference net can run out when there are no more friends to advise.

However, even if the mouth to mouth works by phases, a business will always need digital support. In this way the potential client can have, apart from the reference, a place where he can see it with its own eyes. We’re talking about online presence, which takes us to our following topic: digital marketing.


3 – Digital Marketing

Online presence has a surname: digital marketing. Because of that, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Nowadays – and thankfully – there is a concept that means, basically, to marketize using the internet. Now, the best part is that in just one day a small store (online) can have thousands of visits, and attract new customers. Something that would be impossible to achieve at a small physical store and, if everything goes as planned, that facilitates a lot when it comes to selling products or services. Obviously there are tools and different ways to reach the goals of a business through digital marketing. But we cannot forget that there’s always one – or more – people behind a digital marketing campaign.


4 – (Low) Conversion Rate

Everything looks perfect until here but isn’t. “Digital” has a problem: a low conversion rate. This means we can have thousands of visitors in a short time frame but have zero sales. This is a phenomenon that everyone knows that exists and that everyone knows it will happen to a greater or lesser extent. But in fact, all web marketeers would like to reduce it to more acceptable levels.

But why is it the conversion rate so low? How to reverse this?


5 – Online trust

This is the foundation of any relationship, as we said previously. It is necessary to assume that as vulnerable and imperfect beings, we are suspicious and we don’t easily give opportunities to everyone. We are conscient that none of this is fair, but certainly, someone already saved us a lot of times before we were mistaken.

Naturally,  there are two sides of the coin: on one side, being suspicious can save our lives but, on the other, it can make us lose big opportunities.

Online, trust can be conveyed through a well-constructed website, a logo that generates empathy, or a well cared and simple image. 

We don’t want to be psychologists, but to generate trust, in the first impact, two things are necessary: time and empathy.

  • Time

It is said that we need to be in contact 7 times with a brand in order for it to become familiar. Which is the same as saying: trustworthy.

In real life, all of us need time to meet someone: a talk today, a coffee tomorrow, maybe lunch afterward, and another talk. The sum of all the interactions is a key ingredient to build a relationship. And, that is why time is a good ally.

Digitally, this can mean building a healthy relationship with your website visitors through a close language. Or even through a regular presence on social channels, for example.

  • Human empathy

No, we are not confused. It is possible to generate empathy online, even through a screen. But let’s go back to the basics: human empathy is essential to feel connected to an idea, opinion, work or emotion that other person expresses. Like that, a sense of empathy is created when someone we don’t know transmits us something we can relate to. And that also builds trust.

But how to generate trust through digital?

People are going to visit our website one single time and, because of it, we don’t have time to establish a connection with them. Especially because that visit will be quick and superficial. Relevant content, a familiar and close language, digital marketing techniques or newsletters can minimize this problem, but not completely. It is necessary for the human dimension that provides empathy. And that is achieved through a good content strategy aiming to strengthen the emotional side of the brand, thus generating, in the long term, empathy with the online audience. 

And how can our website or our content be more reliable?

The video

Digital brought us smartphones with photographic cameras and camcorders without any cassettes. So, a more democratic access to the video and multimedia content creation. This media is, effectively, growing and will continue to, but not just because it is easier to consume:

Movies imitate reality and our brain believes it: we hear the voices, see the eyes and feel the emotions of whoever is on screen. It is a fact.

Movies can provide the two main ingredients that make a relationship of trust and that we’ve spoken about above: time and empathy.

  • Time: static images are seen “running” at scroll speed. Videos, contrarily, are seen longer, generally, what gives time to build a relationship;
  • Empathy: in videos it is possible to show a human side, allowing, with greater probability, an affinity to occur on the side of the viewer. The voice, the words and the image itself of the person showing up on the screen generates an immediate empathy.

In short: use more videos on your company’s website, on Facebook, on landing pages, and on institutional presentations. Preferably humanized. With that, you will obtain more engagement, which is the same as saying content interaction. If you wish to increase sales, boost ROI (return on investment), improve the quality of your leads, think about using video as a humanization and empathy creation tool. It will consequently, generate online trust.


If you know any brand or business that needs to generate online trust, 67 can give you a hand:

  • Strategic consulting – to help you identify the right steps to give accordingly to your goals and needs;
  • Branding – building the brand and its communication materials;
  • Promoting the brand itself through marketing and advertising.


Write to us at info@67.pt or contact us through the phone: +351 223 170 101.

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Font Matters https://67.pt/2019/12/17/font-matters/ Tue, 17 Dec 2019 10:30:39 +0000 https://67.pt/?p=2829 O conteúdo Font Matters aparece primeiro em 67 Creative Agency.


Font Matters

Does it look the way you’re saying it?


Even something that may seem inconsequential, like a font choice, makes a big impact in your design.

Look at shampoo bottles for men and women, for example. The label typographies are completely different for the same brand. For masculine products, squarer and more angular shapes tend to be used, whereas female products opt for the levity of curves and soft colours.

This is because different shapes lead us to different associations. When we want to convey something soft, it doesn’t make sense to use a font that’s sharp and filled with cutting edges. We associate softness with smoothness, with rounder typographies and a lighter overall look.

We all enjoy consistency, and we all have a visual language that is universal and easy to work around. Often it’s best to avoid a design that is contradictory to the product’s characteristics.

Through a font you can say a lot about a product. Is it elegant and thin or bold and impactful? Is it modern, classic or vintage? Does it transmit a sensation, a texture, a feeling, or is its goal to be neutral and professional? These sensations are programmed into us in an almost instinctive manner, leading us to different impressions of a brand or product – impressions that, more often than we would imagine, turn out to be fairly accurate.

Be logical in your design options. By staying true to the nature of what you’re trying to sell, you are helping make it clearer and more accessible to your consumer.


Say hello and find out what can we do for your business. Write us an email to: info@67.pt.

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Why you should build your own brand? https://67.pt/2019/12/17/why-you-should-build-your-own-brand/ Tue, 17 Dec 2019 09:30:18 +0000 https://67.pt/2019/09/11/portugal-biggest-producers-world-just-needs-to-show-it-copy/ O conteúdo Why you should build your own brand? aparece primeiro em 67 Creative Agency.


Why you should build your own brand?

You work in the industry for years, creating the best products and you’re customers are getting all the credits? Public recognition is associated to your client’s brand and, more than anything, the big slice of the money goes to their brand and not for you, who is, in fact, the manufacturer. 

How many times did you ask yourself how it would be if you also had your own brand? For how long have you imagined your name printed and exposed everywhere? How good would it be to have this feeling of pride and mission accomplished? And how good would it be to own not only a “big slice of the cake” but “the whole cake”?


If you manufacture for other brands, you have at your disposal the machinery and the knowledge to produce the best products, without relying on anyone. Maybe you thought that what you create for others you could do just for you.



Have you ever thought of creating a brand of your own?

Building a brand is like building a house: where are you going to build it? Who’s going to live there? Why are you building it? Do you need a garden? Will it have a garage?

Everything will depend on your goals. Do you want a house to live your entire lives? With good conditions? Good finishes? Are you selling it afterwards?

All of this demands planning, just like a brand: it’s necessary to understand its purpose, clients, what problems will you have to solve, the brand’s characteristics, how is it going to be called and why…

So, it’s time to ask ‘What are the benefits that the creation of your own brand can bring to your business?’:

For example, let’s consider that your a manufacturer of sunglass temples. Imagine that you produce and sell your temples for 5$ and the brand buys them and sells the end product – sunglasses – for 150$.

You – the producer – cannot avoid thinking that “if I had my own brand, I could be earning much more money!”

This is one of the advantages of having your private brand: increasing the profit with a product you’re already producing in your facilities.

But there is more:


With your own brand you will no longer depend on your clients. On the other hand, you will depend even more of yourself, your work and effort;


If you have your brand you’re building your own future, in your own terms. The success and compliments will have your name written. It’s not easy to measure, but it’s easy to feel.

However, not everything is perfect:

  • There is always an associated risk: the brand can work or not. This depends on different factors: a proper marketing plan, proper time-to-market, a good demand, etc.
  • There’s always an extraordinary investment that’s associated with branding, logistics – physical stores or online sales -, you’ll have to think about packaging and communication for this new brand, and you better do it start it right;


That said, if you’re thinking about creating your own brand 67 can give you a little help:

  • Strategic Consultancy – to help you identify the right steps in order to build your own brand;
  • Branding – brand construction and communication materials;
  • Brand promotion itself and through marketing and advertising.


If you would like to chat and exchange ideas call us at +351 223 170 101 or write us an email to info@67.pt. Find out what we can do for your business.

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Things we find inspiring: Women are heroes, for and by JR https://67.pt/2019/12/17/things-we-find-inspiring-women-are-heroes-for-and-by-jr/ Tue, 17 Dec 2019 07:30:07 +0000 https://67.pt/2019/09/16/inspiring-immortal-fans-campaign-brazil-copy/ O conteúdo Things we find inspiring: Women are heroes, for and by JR aparece primeiro em 67 Creative Agency.


Things we find inspiring: Women are heroes, for and by JR

Women are heroes is a project of giant portraits, that scream out loud, the silent heroes of societies in conflict in the whole world: women.

Giant portraits, in black & white, attached to trains, roofs, walls in the favelas, in churches and mosques. A bit all over the world the french artist – JR – reproduced images of the ones he considers the biggest victims of conflicts, the women.

What’s the purpose? To enhance the dignity of women that play crucial roles in the communities where they live in. 

The result? A game – very well planned – between what we see by far very clearly, and what we fail to understand, at close, what it might be. Is that how we see these women? Possibly. But the truth is that JR brought these women’s stories back to daylight. He transformed these women into the main characters of the urban landscape with which they have a connection.


JR and his team were, since 2007, in Brasil, Kenya, India, Cambodja, Libya and Sierra Leone to photograph and meet the women that share this suffering, pain and loss. There are stories of war and conflict between civilians and armies, extreme poverty that completely throw us against a wall. Histories we don’t even want to believe are true. And isn’t that what art is for, too? We believe so.


If you need help, talk to us. If you are unsure of where to start, please email us at info@67.com or contact us at +351 223 170 101. Find out what we can do for your business.

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Kerning Matters https://67.pt/2019/12/10/kerning-matters/ Tue, 10 Dec 2019 07:30:12 +0000 https://67.pt/2019/11/29/words-matter-in-advertising-copy/ O conteúdo Kerning Matters aparece primeiro em 67 Creative Agency.


Kerning Matters

Letters need space to breathe too, you know?

“Kerning” is the technical term to refer to the space that exists between the letters of a typeface (the type of letter). Designers can edit this spacing to create different styles and sensations. And, of course, everything that can be used to improve, can also be used to damage. The image above illustrates just that. 🙂

After all, when you’re reading something in a hurry (as it so often happens when it comes to advertising and design), it’s all too easy to mistake one word for the other. Much like the way we work on text hierarchy and font size, kerning makes a huge difference.

First impact

There are many big brands out there that use existing typography for their actual logos. Facebook is one of them. But they didn’t just use the font as it was and called it for the day.

Instead, they altered its kerning to turn it into something unique.

The simple action of approaching or separating letters can make for a recognisable logo or headline. It makes a big first impact right away.

Text legibility

When we are reading we don’t like to struggle. And neither does the rest of the world! So when writing our own texts we have to remember to make them clear and accessible. If words are too close to each other they’ll be a jumbled mess, and if they are too apart they’ll be slower to read.

Saving time

Sometimes two letters don’t look quite right together, and noticing them, however short it is, makes us pause. That’s not ideal. When we are reading a text we want to stay focused and uninterrupted. We shouldn’t be paying attention to the letter shapes, but to the content they’re trying to transmit, and sometimes the wrong spacing between them can be distracting.

Having a good kerning is an effective tool to make your reader stay focused on your texts and to convey your message smoothly by making it faster and easier to read.

Don’t forget: If it’s not easy to read, it won’t be read at all.

Say hello and find out what can we do for your business. Write us an email to: info@67.pt.

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