What they say bout us

A born strategist!

I don’t think there’s a conversation with José Matias where he doesn’t share 10 new and creative ideas right away to help your business.

Alexandra Bacelar

José had to tackle of us being on the opposite side of the world

and would not be able to meet face to face and also the challenge of dealing with three languages, one of them being Chinese. He excelled in that (…) and I highly recommend him.

Bruno Nunes

Insightful. Helpful. Strategical.

I’ve been José Matias’ client a few times and every time there I find the same pattern: He is willing to help, he comes up with good ideas and he helps me think strategically.

Hugo Belchior

Thank you José for the “light at the end of the tunnel”

even clearer than the one I had envisioned!

Ana Fernandes

José is owner of a very rare combination of skills.

He has brilliant creative skills allied to a keen strategic thinking. I truly will always admire admire the way he is able to combine pragmatism with his natural (almost extreme) passion for detail.

Nuno Moreira

José shoots fascinating ideas
faster than anyone can take them in.

Nuno Ramos

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