Casa de Donelo

Douro Wines, Sparkling Wine and Olive Oil

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“The art of making good wine.”
Casa Donelo is constituted by a set of properties situated in the right margin of the Douro River, Cima Cargo, between Régua and Pinhão, in Portugal. It’s around 80 hectares, of which 50 are occupied with vines, where tradition and innovation meet.
Casal dos Cadaías
A wine with the family’s history.
Adelino and Carlos Alves Teixeira are the fourth generation of a family connected to wine. The story began with their great-grandfather, who started the family’s wine activity. Years later, it was the grandfather Cadaídas’s turn to give wine production a fresh breath, continued by their father.
Dona Constança
Sparkling Wine is a part of the family
Dona Constança is a Douro Sparkling Wine, made in the traditional method, perfect to celebrate memorable events.
Meet Dona Constança. It’ll be a pleasure.
Vale de Ordonho
Douro at the table, day yes, day yes.
Ordonho is a region that stands out in the margins of the Douro. It’s in its valley that Vale de Ordonho is produced. A wine that accompanies the stories, talks and meals of every day.
Casa Donelo also produces olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Douro, obtained uniquely through mechanical processes, respecting and honoring all of the region’s tradition.