Imagem da empresa, materiais de comunicação e catálogo de Instagram.

Established in 1911, A.Henriques is a private society that produces rubber components. It’s one of the top rubber industries in Portugal, and it also exports to an international market, providing their costumers a reliable, safe and cost effective service.

Because of the high quality of their products, and the passion behind them, we developed an image that proudly showcases them, and that will catch the eye of their collaborators. ​​​​​​​


For the brand’s institutional materials, we took a more sober approach. While still strongly showcasing the rubber components they produce, we opted for black on black photographs so as not to overcome the brand itself. Business cards, stationary, brochures and a website were designed with this in consideration.


High quality and precise pieces don’t have to be dull ones. Rubber components are often difficult to turn into an appealing product, which simply made doing so a more interesting challenge.

Defying old perceptions, we took many imaginative photographs of AHenriques’ products, in which we dare people to look at their work in a different and fun perspective.