Things we find inspiring: the “Immortal Fans” campaign in Brazil

Aug 12, 2019 | Findings

What if a brand could really change people’s lives?

That’s what happened with “Immortal Fans”, a campaign produced by Ogilvy-Brasil, in 2013. As a result, it united Sport Club do Recife and Recife’s Organ Donation Center, and it united people. And that’s exactly what we most loved about it.

The campaign was very successful. It encouraged the Sport Club do Recife’s supporters to create a donor card that shows their commitment to donate their organs. 

You can see through the campaign video the testimony of some supporters of the club who received the organs that needed. In fact, what lies in our minds is precisely the joy of seeing their lives renewed through this action.

We really get the feeling that the love of the club, the “force of the Crowd”, the vibration of the chants and everything that unites the supporters of the club will continue for eternity, perpetuating the feeling that nourishes among all.

Also, we notice that the happiness and strength of supporters is the engine of this campaign. In fact, in addition to trying solving a serious problem, it still opens the debate in Brazil on a sensitive subject that was not spoken.

We believe it’s storydoing in its pristine state as a great way to brand strategy. It is the power to combine marketing with social responsibility. Besides, the brand is part of the change and, more importantly, it can be the instigator of this same change. Therefore, there’s nothing more valuable than having a real purpose to change and improve people’s lives.


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