Geography Matters

Nov 26, 2019 | Design Matters

Don’t say the right thing, at the wrong place.

Everyone knows that you ask for a “pop” in the north and a “coke” in the south [of USA]. Not knowing this information can be fatal to an advertising campaign done in the United States that’s trying to promote a soft drink. To create empathy, it’s imperative to be friendly, and therefore it’s necessary to know the people you’re talking to (target audience) not to create any embarrassment that can be fatal to your brand.

When you have a specific population or territory that you want to tap into, you have to carefully consider their language, culture and traditions.

Is it a conservative region? What characteristics and traits do they have that make them different from everyone else? Which ones do they hold onto with pride? What quirks do they find endearing, what story do they look at tenderly? Are they Northerners or Southerners, city folks or country people, standard talkers or proud of their thick accents?

It’s not just a matter of risking an offense by saying the wrong thing to the wrong people. It’s also about being authentic and empathizing with the people your brand wants to be loved by.

If you’re not familiar with something, it’ll show. So arm yourself with knowledge and get to know your target area.

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