Things we find inspiring: the power of vulnerability, by Brené Brown

Nov 28, 2019 | Findings


What does vulnerability mean? What makes us vulnerable? In which way does vulnerability affect our lives? That’s precisely the conversation theme the researcher Brené Brown took to a Ted Talk, in Houston (USA).

The video became a phenomenon in 2012 and now counts with more than 40M views. In this Ted Talk, Brené Brown speaks also about shame, courage and honesty and how we relate to these emotions.


Some people have the ability to inspire us. And there are issues that thrill us in a special way. For us, this video works just like a restart button. It makes us understand why we have certain emotions and how we should face them. Vulnerability is one of them.

When are we vulnerable? What can vulnerability do for us? For Brené Brown, vulnerability is power: it allows us to be completely in the hands of ourselves and the things we like to do, without restrictions or fears. Being vulnerable is accepting that things can go wrong and still move forward. And that idea, besides liberating, is an inspiration.

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