Words Matter

Nov 29, 2019 | Design Matters

You say the wrong word… and you’re done!

The haute couture of advertising is found in texts that are carefully magnetized with words that attract to the message all kinds of beneficial secondary associations. The synonym dictionary can be a great partner to help polish the message and transform it into a diamond, so it’s always good to have one in hand (alternatively, Google works just as well).

The same idea can be said with many different words. It’s up to you to choose the ones who deliver the best possible meaning to your purpose.

Choose your words wisely:

  • Focus on positive traits, compliments, enviable terms. Associate your words with a universe that can’t be misconstructed as something less pleasant.
  • Be genuine: you don’t have to try too hard and look deep into posh terms to embellish your texts. Know that what you’re advertising is good, and state it with simple confidence.
  • Look up what is being used around you: It’s not “old”, it’s retro! And retro is very trendy right now. 

But beware: if your target audience is young teenagers, try to know beforehand what words are “trending” and what’s their meaning in that “tribe” because they can sniff a fake miles away. 😉

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