Why you should build your own brand?

Dec 17, 2019 | Insights

You work in the industry for years, creating the best products and you’re customers are getting all the credits? Public recognition is associated to your client’s brand and, more than anything, the big slice of the money goes to their brand and not for you, who is, in fact, the manufacturer. 

How many times did you ask yourself how it would be if you also had your own brand? For how long have you imagined your name printed and exposed everywhere? How good would it be to have this feeling of pride and mission accomplished? And how good would it be to own not only a “big slice of the cake” but “the whole cake”?


If you manufacture for other brands, you have at your disposal the machinery and the knowledge to produce the best products, without relying on anyone. Maybe you thought that what you create for others you could do just for you.



Have you ever thought of creating a brand of your own?

Building a brand is like building a house: where are you going to build it? Who’s going to live there? Why are you building it? Do you need a garden? Will it have a garage?

Everything will depend on your goals. Do you want a house to live your entire lives? With good conditions? Good finishes? Are you selling it afterwards?

All of this demands planning, just like a brand: it’s necessary to understand its purpose, clients, what problems will you have to solve, the brand’s characteristics, how is it going to be called and why…

So, it’s time to ask ‘What are the benefits that the creation of your own brand can bring to your business?’:

For example, let’s consider that your a manufacturer of sunglass temples. Imagine that you produce and sell your temples for 5$ and the brand buys them and sells the end product – sunglasses – for 150$.

You – the producer – cannot avoid thinking that “if I had my own brand, I could be earning much more money!”

This is one of the advantages of having your private brand: increasing the profit with a product you’re already producing in your facilities.

But there is more:


With your own brand you will no longer depend on your clients. On the other hand, you will depend even more of yourself, your work and effort;


If you have your brand you’re building your own future, in your own terms. The success and compliments will have your name written. It’s not easy to measure, but it’s easy to feel.

However, not everything is perfect:

  • There is always an associated risk: the brand can work or not. This depends on different factors: a proper marketing plan, proper time-to-market, a good demand, etc.
  • There’s always an extraordinary investment that’s associated with branding, logistics – physical stores or online sales -, you’ll have to think about packaging and communication for this new brand, and you better do it start it right;


That said, if you’re thinking about creating your own brand 67 can give you a little help:

  • Strategic Consultancy – to help you identify the right steps in order to build your own brand;
  • Branding – brand construction and communication materials;
  • Brand promotion itself and through marketing and advertising.


If you would like to chat and exchange ideas call us at +351 223 170 101 or write us an email to info@67.pt. Find out what we can do for your business.