Things we find inspiring: the back to school that no one wants to see by Sandy Hook

Feb 28, 2020 | Findings

We weren’t prepared to see the most recent Sandy Hook commercial. No one is. The subject couldn’t be more sensitive: gun violence in schools. It is that kind of commercial that creeps us out of so close it is to reality.

The video is genius: speaks about the topic without talking about it exactly. Without a direct reference. It shows us the anxiety and horror of these events experienced by children and teens in the USA.

It is wrong. So, it wasn’t supposed to be necessary for having a commercial showing us the aggressiveness and violence of these acts. But Sandy Hook went further and did it in a brutal and raw way. 

It reminds us that advertising also works to alert, chill and confront us with reality in a fictional way and, at the same time, excessively close to what’s real. Because those events are, effectively, real.

That said our sincere applause to this campaign that shouldn’t even exist.