Resolution Matters

Mar 25, 2020 | Design Matters

Look great no matter who’s looking at you.

We personally believe that size matters (in a photo). It’s always better to work with a 32 megapixels image instead of a 12 megapixels one. But size isn’t everything.

The digital revolution

The emergence and the rapid evolution of digital cameras made photography more accessible to everyone, and this promoted the idea that a good camera is good enough to get a quality image.

What makes an image really good?

Indeed, resolution is important to obtain an excellent result. However, to obtain – for example – an image of a “mouth watering” hamburger you need some extra care. For starters, you have to pick the nicest looking bread, the lushest lettuce, to perfectly grill a hamburger … and to assemble everything impeccably. 

You have to think where to put the sandwich you’ll photograph (white table? Board? Slate?). You will need flash lights, reflectors, soft boxes, tripods and other materials, and only after does the camera comes in (which should have good resolution, and preferably “all frame”: you have to pick the lens, the settings for colour temperature, shutter speed, focal point, etc). The photographer’s talent and years of experience will help you frame the shot and shoot, over and over again, until everything matches up. It sounds easy, but it’s not over yet. The carefully captured photograph still has to go to the computer, for post production in Lightroom and Photoshop to fix a few details and highlight whatever is necessary so that the result is truly incredible.

How much does a good studio photograph ‘cost’?

A relatively simple studio photo can take 2 to 4 hours to be executed. Sometimes more. You have to pay for this time as well as for renting the studio and all the equipment (machine, lenses, lighting and computers represent an investment always superior to 10 thousand euros). If you work with an experienced photographer, you are also gaining from their vast years of education and experience, which cost a lot of time and money to acquire.

How much does a lawyer charge for two hours? And how much does an engineer charge for 4h? As they say: just do the math.

How much is a good photo ‘worth’?

An incredible, mouth watering photo helps sell more hamburgers. A good photo might “close the restaurant”. You can say that “A cheap photo can cost you a lot”.

Photography in business communication

An image is still worth more than a thousand words. That’s why it’s so used in business communication to catch people’s attention and convey the right message. Images are often the most important “pieces” of a poster’s success. One bad photo gives a bad impression of the product and discourages sale. That’s why it’s so difficult to find bad photographs in McDonald’s ads.

In conclusion

All details matter when it comes to building your company’s image. But photography is a lot more than a detail. It’s a key element to support sales.


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