Your Safety has priority

An Ascendi Awareness Campaign.

Ascendi is a company that manages infrastructure assets and provides toll collection and operation & maintenance services for Portuguese highways. But their concerns with safety don’t just extend to the road. This campaign for Ascendi’s offices strived to urge its workers to pay attention to their workplace safety, and by consequence to decrease injuries and medical leaves.

Its message resonated:

Your Safety is a priority.
We could place airbags everywhere, but they wouldn’t be enough.
That’s why we need you. Ensure your own safety at work.

Take care of yourself, take care of everyone.

The project involved protecting several walls of the Ascendi buildings with airbags, so that people wouldn’t crash against a hard surface. The playful idea required us to fill and use several balloons to fill Ascendi’s headquarters.

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Ascendi - Your Safety has priority
Ascendi - Your Safety has priority
Ascendi - Your Safety has priority

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