Things we find inspiring: Dove’s campaign “Real Beauty Sketches”

Oct 24, 2019 | Findings


Dove’s campaign “Real Beauty Sketches” (2013), in addition to thrilling, reflects a problem intrinsic to today’s society: the current beauty standards and how women deal with it. In an elegant, cohesive and very intuitive way, Dove completely nailed it.

We know that this is a commercial in which the intervenients were previously selected. But somehow it’s inevitable to not feel enormous compassion as the history unfolds. Those persons are real, and a bit far from beauty stereotypes. They have real features, real hair, real skin. Overall, the same problems that ordinary women [outside TV] have.


It was considered the most-watched commercial on Youtube, when it was released in 2013, with more than 119 million views.

Dove took a risk and it was well succeeded. They dared to create a different approach to promote their brand and, in the end, their beauty products. The typical commercial ad in which perfection is normally the star was rejected. On the contrary: they made a bet on imperfections and nobody was indifferent.

There is, effectively, a real issue that Dove knew how to capture very well. Not only they showed a hurdle that exists, but also raised awareness for the way we look at ourselves. We think that’s powerful and inspiring.

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