All factories should look like rock stars

Dec 5, 2019 | Insights

And that includes yours.

We all know things won’t happen until someone decides to get them done. Big brands and manufacturing companies didn’t start off only through good looks and captivating advertisements. They ended up developing that, at some point, because they understood the impact of setting up a “good face” for the world to see.


Looking sloppy is, after all, a deterrent for someone that is looking for the very best they can get their hands on. And let’s face it, skills and prices can only do so much for you when you’re trying to captivate new customers who don’t have the time to carefully analyze the nuanced differences between all their possible suppliers.


Factories need to be eye-catching at first glance

Not only will that make them noticeable, it will also make them memorable. A good logo is going to leave an impression on your client’s mind – they will remember your industry when push comes to the stove.

Furthermore, your workers need to be proud of your factory and wear it with a smile. 

How often has one of the commercials hidden the factory logo between stashes of paper, because he didn’t want the potential client to see an image that might give the wrong impression? The impression that, brand-wise, what they’re seeing doesn’t match the quality of the products they’re selling? That they’re an amateur industry with a lot to learn when, in reality, it is the opposite?

Contrary to what some might think, it’s not just a matter of vanity. People are aware, subconsciously or not, that anyone who looks after themselves, who worries with how they present to others, it’s because they care more. They take themselves seriously. They go the extra mile. Industrially speaking, there’s no need to waste time trying to convince your customers that you’re reliable because you can convey it in a single look.

But looking like the big shot isn’t something exclusive to bigger companies. Far from it, if you want to be one you have to look like one. This is what we’re here for: to make your factory look like a rock star.



Because your industry matters. It gets the job done, delivers with quality and employs multiple people with broad skill sets and innovative minds to ensure your client has the best he can get. There are so many things to be proud of and tons of qualities to advertise.

Don’t throw it all away because your factory’s looks don’t match its interiors. Make it glow.

Dress up your logo and stationery, be creative in your advertising and neat in your catalogs. Make your website fast, useful and easy to find, and your social media platforms as active and engaging as your industry is. Take new photos, shoot new videos, improve your employee’s uniforms.

Have your factory singing loudly and stealing the spotlight, as brilliantly as it should.


If your factory wants to look like a rock star, talk to us. If you are unsure of where to start, please email us at info@67.com or contact us at +351 223 170 101. Find out what we can do for your business.