Things we find inspiring: Women are heroes, for and by JR

Dec 17, 2019 | Findings

Women are heroes is a project of giant portraits, that scream out loud, the silent heroes of societies in conflict in the whole world: women.

Giant portraits, in black & white, attached to trains, roofs, walls in the favelas, in churches and mosques. A bit all over the world the french artist – JR – reproduced images of the ones he considers the biggest victims of conflicts, the women.

What’s the purpose? To enhance the dignity of women that play crucial roles in the communities where they live in. 

The result? A game – very well planned – between what we see by far very clearly, and what we fail to understand, at close, what it might be. Is that how we see these women? Possibly. But the truth is that JR brought these women’s stories back to daylight. He transformed these women into the main characters of the urban landscape with which they have a connection.


JR and his team were, since 2007, in Brasil, Kenya, India, Cambodja, Libya and Sierra Leone to photograph and meet the women that share this suffering, pain and loss. There are stories of war and conflict between civilians and armies, extreme poverty that completely throw us against a wall. Histories we don’t even want to believe are true. And isn’t that what art is for, too? We believe so.


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