Things we find inspiring: the Stabilo Boss pens highlight women that made history

Jan 14, 2020 | Findings, Insights

How many times have we heard the expression: behind a great man there is always a great woman? And how many times did we realize that behind great accomplishment there is a great woman?


That’s why the brand of pens Stabilo Boss decided to highlight the great women who made history but always appeared in the background, behind a man.

Developed by the creative studio DDB in Dusseldorf, this campaign deserves our attention and applause. It’s remarkable the insight with which they approach the gender equality subject, without falling into clichés.

We see a silent campaign but that, on its own, creates a thunderous deafening noise. It confronts us with our own vision of the events. It makes us think that in all the history of the world we didn’t pay enough attention to people [men and women] that are behind major happenings.

Moreover, with this campaign, we feel the necessity of a better understanding of how many women [and men] are behind these big moments. And that is, for us, really inspiring. 😉