Twelve things that Communication Design can do for your company

Jan 14, 2020 | Insights

Applying resources on a company’s image and communication is a cost or an investment? Is design essential or just a prop? After all, is there a real contribution to the trade or not? Is it just “to look good” or will it contribute to generating revenue for the company?

At 67 we believe that good communication can bring improvements to your brand, team and, consequently, to your business. 

In this sense, we compiled 12 things that Communication Design can do for your business


1. Leave your company well seen before investors and banking.

Eye-catching financial reports, professional but also easy to read and to handle are an amazing business card for some of the major stakeholders. So, when there’s a lot at stake, use your assets. 


2. Have a professional image.

If your company is professional, it should look professional. In marketing “what seems like, is”. Don’t take the risk of looking smaller and less competent. That’s enough to lose some opportunities.


3. Help the sales team.

Naturaly, a good business card, a good catalog and a good website are the best support tools to the sales team.


4. Create a brief but impacting presentation.

Instead of only saying it, show it. Make your company’s presentation in video format, for example, and showcase all its potential. It’s better than live and much faster.


5. Have a brochure that doesn’t end up in the trash.

Why spending money printing a brochure that no one reads? Maybe it’s time to do a more creative and interesting brochure, that everyone wishes to read and save. 


6. Differentiate from the competition.

Sometimes we’re too into the business to be able to see it clearly and with simplicity. Having a message that explains to the outside, in a quick and clear way, the competitive advantages of the company is something that can actually make the entire difference in the customer’s decision moment. 


7. Advertise efficiently.

If you’re going to spend money on advertising, the best is to do a convincing commercial, that captivates and stimulates purchase. Otherwise, you’ll be throwing away cash. 


8. Increase the value of your products.

A big part of the added value of a brand is intangible. While working on your brand, you’ll be also adding value to it, and to your products or services. 


9. Attract foreign customers.

In this way, have your website in English too, work on your SEO and do some online advertising. These are some things that you can do so that customers from all over the world can find you.


10. Remember yourself at the time of purchase.

Whoever doesn’t show up is forgotten. Keep showing up in your customer’s feed. So, prepare a social media plan with frequent and relevant publications for your target.


11. Sell while you sleep.

Build an online shop. And promote it to attract customers. 


12. Save time and money.

If you have little time, use it in activities where you make the difference. Don’t waste time doing an amateur website or preparing presentations. Delegate to those who do better and faster, with the same resources. Save time to do more.


If you need help, speak to us. If you’re unsure where to start, send us an email to info@67.pt or contact us through phone: +351 223 170 101.